America/Canadian Sim Cards

Partnering with TELAWAY you can now purchase your travel SIM card from the PCGUY. You get the latest technology and services including:

– 50 GB of 4G data
– Optional delivery in Jeruslaem
– Review on how to insert the SIM card for your trip
– Full technical support in Israel and the US direct from TELAWAY.

Pricing is based on the length of your trip.
Contact the PCGUY today with
– date of arrival in  the US
– date of departure from the US
– Model Phone

After registering with the PCGUY, and receiving your SIM card, you will receive communications from TELAWAY with your:
– USA phone number
– Special Israel phone number that will ring on your phone while in the US. You can give this number to friends and family as well as optionally forward your Israeli phone to this number
– Instructions on calling Israel for free from the US
– How to contact support should it be needed


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