Security Issues Having been a user of PC systems since their inception and a user of the public Internet since its earliest days I can offer some simple advice on how to protect your computer and your privacy from the myriad of nefarious computer hackers and viruses that abound today. By following these simple guidelines, you can limit your exposure. There...
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The Reporter Group – Embracing change in Israel

By: Rabbi Rachel Esserman Embracing change in Israel  Adjusting to life in a new country can be difficult. However, Paul Serkin finds that life in Israel suits him just fine. In fact, he prefers it to living in Binghamton, where he grew up, and New York City, where he worked most of his adult life. What makes his move different than most is that he and his three adult...
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The Jerusalem Post

jpost_logo1 Arrivals: The PC guy  By GLORIA DEUTSCH 13/06/2013 slide-1Paul Serkin quit his job, sold most of his possessions and arrived in Israel not knowing what his future held – until he realized his talent for fixing computers could become a career. Paul Serkin moved to Israel in 2009 with no job, no apartment and no clear...
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NBN Blog post: Paul the PCGUY

  pcguy-aboutName: Paul Serkin Originally from: Binghamton, NY Made Aliyah: August, 2009 Lives in: Jerusalem Job: Founder and Chief Technologist at PCGUY   Paul the PC GUY’s website reads, “Meet Paul, the PC Guy (and, hard as it is to believe, he is even friendlier than he looks!)” His website is true to its word- Paul is truly a friendly, personable guy, with a cool brand...
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Update from Israel – by Paul Serkin

Site_Bannerreporter August 5 marks seven years that I have been in Israel. Born in Schenectady and raised in Vestal from 3-years-old until I went to college, I am a real “upstater” and a graduate of Vestal Central High School. I attended Yeshiva University in New York City, during which time I spent a year abroad, studying in a yeshiva in...
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Windows 10 – Revisited

Windows 10 – Revisited? There has been a lot of discussion, blog posts, Facebook posts and various other Internet comments about Windows 10.  We are coming down to the wire of the July 27 deadline to upgrade for free. Microsoft has corrected most of the “bugs” in Windows 10 so for the average home computer user, it is now a safe and fully operational environment and you should have...
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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Email: OK – You didn’t really want to know but it might help.


A Brief History of Email

While you are “@” it.

Web Based Email vs. Client Based Email.


Safety and Security


A Brief History of Email.

Email predates the “web” by a few years. It evolved from humble beginnings in 1965 from a way of leaving a message in a large, mainframe computer, for another user to see.  There were less than a...
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Home Printers

When deciding on a new or replacement printer for your home you will have to choose from the following options:

  • InkJet or Laser
  • Black and White only or Color
  • Printer only or optional Copier / Scanner / Fax
  • USB ONLY / Networkable (wired or wireless or both)
  • Other Options
  • Who will install it?

Inkjet or Laser?

  1. Inkjet Printers
    1. Inkjet printers use a reservoir of liquid ink which is pumped...
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