Cloud Backups

The PCGUY Backup solution is the perfect way to automatically and securely backup your personal computer.  For a low $60 per year (additional discounts available for longer terms), all of your data (files, music pictures, etc.) from your computer will be backed up and maintained where you can access them at any time, from anywhere.

The PCGUY backup solution is powered by Carbonite™ – a world leader in backup solutions.


Once the first complete backup is performed (which is automatically done)– any time a file is added or changed – it is backed up automatically.

The software recognizes if you’re using the PC and will throttle back its speed to not interfere with your computer use.

The backup also keeps as many iterations of the file as exist for a minimum of 60 days.  For example – I update a spreadsheet many times a day – when I go to the backup and request a restore of that spread sheet, I will see all of the versions of this file that exist and the date/time they were saved. I can then decide which one(s) I want to restore back to my PC and look at.

Also, deleted files remain on the backup for a minimum of 60 days and you can restore them.

All access to the backed up files is under your control – quite simple to do any of this.

You can retrieve your files from your PC, from another PC or from your smartphone (IPhone. IPad, Android) with the free “APP”.

Also your IPAD, IPHONE or ANDROID’s data (music and pictures) are automatically backed up as well, at no extra charge.

Signing up is simple:

Go to:

You may only need the BASIC PERSONAL PLAN but feel free to review all of the available options.

The PCGUY can help you decide if you are not sure.

You will be prompted to create a Carbonite account and download the software.

At any time, feel free to ask for help if you need.

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