In order to pay using US Credit Card, please click on the picture below:





In cooperation with OLEHPAY, the PCGUY can accept credit cards to pay for consulting services or new PCs, printers or other equipment.  See the details listed below

  • Credit card will be charged in US Dollars
  • Credit Card must be registered in the PCGUY/OLEHPAY system:
  • You will receive airline miles or other “bonus” points from your credit card as you do for other purchases.
  • As we are currently accepting US Dollar based credit cards you can not use”Tashlumim” – payments.
  • After registering, you use the same link to authorize payments to the PCGUY.
    • Just sign in with your registration information indicate the amount to be paid in NIS.  You will be shown what the US Dollar charge will be immediately.
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