Suggested Downloads


This software should be downloaded when you need emergency support from the PCGUY.  It installs a small program which will allow the PCGUY to remote into your PC and provide support.   It can only be accessed when the following conditions are met:

  • Your Internet connection must be working
  • You initiate this download and install the program
  • You tell the PCGUY the 9 digit code number the program displays

When you close the program, no access is available.

click here to download the software.


The leading software to scan for and remove malware from your PC.  The free version must be run manually. The paid version can be automated and does realtime scanning.  The free version is what most people need.

Click here to download the software.

Windows 7 games:

You may have noticed that the games you used to have on your PC when you had Windows 7 may no longer be there if you are now using Windows 8 or Windows 10. Here is a download which can give you back the games that you miss.  it is a zip file.  If you need help installing it – the PCGUY can help.


Click here to download the software.

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