The PCGUY Support Package (PSP)

I would like to thank my many satisfied customers for their years of support and continuing patronage. I have endeavored to provide timely service combined with a high level of technical expertise at a fair cost.  In order to continue to provide these services and continue to grow my service and product offerings I have developed the following schedule for support and the associated costs.

By subscribing to the PCGUY Support Package (PSP) you are entitled to the following benefits:

Remote System Checkup/Upgrade ( 3 times a year) including:
– Antivirus check
– AntiMalware check
– System Cleaning (software wise /junk file removal)
– Software upgrade check. This includes windows updates and other major software packages and utilities, Device Drivers, etc.
– Software products checked (as an example):
1. Microsoft products (Windows, Office, etc. as support by Windows Update)
2. Java
3. Adobe products (reader, flash and shockwave players)
4. Skype
5. Regular Browsers (Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome)

– Device Drivers checked – including:
1. Chipset
2. Audio
3. Video
4. Printer
5. Network

Priority response to phone calls, emails and scheduling of onsite visits.
Reduced hourly rate:
– 20% discount on first hour of paid service in a month
– 10% discount on each additional hour

Cost of service:

2,000 NIS / year – for first PC in the household
1,500 NIS / year – for each additional PC
Starting January, 2018 – First year Support Package can be added to a new PC purchase for 1000 NIS.

Each PC covered must have:
– Internet access
– PCGUY’s remote access software
– PCGUY’s suite of utilities installed

In order to initiate service, one on-site visit (at the reduced contract rate) must be paid for in order to inventory PC, baseline all software products and updates and verify remote capability. The suite of PCGUY tools will be installed.

First visit requirement is not required on new PC purchase.

For details about my hours click here.


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